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 MUsiC lYriX!!!!!

Heyheyhey! This is my page on music lyrix. So, here we go! (The lastest will b @ the bottom.)
"ur a good soldier/ choosin ur battles/ pick urself up/ & dust urself off/ & back in the saddle/ ur on the frontline/ every1s wachin/ u kno its serious/ were gettin closer/ this isnt over/ the pressure is on/ u feel it/ but uve got it all/ believe it/ when u fall get up/ oh oh/ & if u fall get up/ oh oh/ tsamina mina/ zangalewa/ cuz this is Africa/ tsamina mina/ eh eh/ waka waka/ eh eh..."
~Shakira Ft Freshlyground~ "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)"
"keep drinkin coffee/ stare me down across the table/ wile i look outside/ so many things id say/ if only i wer able/ but i just keep quiet/ & count the cars tht pass by/ uve got opinions, man/ were all intiltld 2 em/ but i nevr askd/ so let me thank u 4 ur time/ & try not 2 waste ne more uv mine/ & get outta heer fast/ i hate 2 brak it 2 u babe/ but im not drownin/ thers no1 heer 2 save/ hoo cares if u dissagree?..."
~Sara Bareilles~ "King of Anything"
"u kno i kno how/ 2 make em stop & stare as i zone out/ the club cant even handle me rite now/ wachin u wachin me i go all out/ the club cant even handle me rite now/ ya yaaaaaaaa/ yah yaaaaah/ ya yaaaaah/ the club cant even handle me rite now/ yah yaaaaah/ ya yaaaaa/ yah yaaaaah/ haha/ cant nothin handle me rite now!/ i c u D-Guetta!!!/ lets get em!!/ hey!..."
~Flo Rida Ft David Guetta~ "Club Can't Handle Me"
"i am not the kind uv girl/ who shood be rudely bargin in/ on a white veil occashun/ but u r not the kind uv boy/ who should be marryin the rong girl/ i sneak in & c ur frends/ & her snotty little family/ all dressd in pastel/ & she is yellin @ a bridesmaid/ sumwher back inside a room/ wearin a gown shapd lik a pastry/ this is shurly not/ wut u thot/ it wood b/ i looz myself in a daydream/ wher i stand & say/ dont say yes/ run away now/ ill meet u wen ur out/ of the church/ @ the back door/ dont wait/ or say a single vow/ u need to heer me out/ & they sed/ speak now..."
~Taylor Swift~ "Speak Now"
"yeah/ o o its mr steal yo girl/ o o  its mr steal yo girl o o/ lets go/ bottoms up/ bottoms up/ ey wut in ya cup/ got a couple bottles/ but a couple aint enof/ bottoms up/ bottoms up/ throw ur hands up/ tell security we bout to tear this club up/ bottoms up/ bottoms up/ pocket full of green/ girl/ u know i luv the way you shake it in them jeans/ bottoms up/ bottoms up/ throw ya hands up/ bottoms up/ bottoms up/ bottoms up (up, up)..."
~Trey Songz Ft. Nicki Minaj~ "Bottoms Up"